• 7 Braille Keyboard

    The Challenge

    Typing is biggest accessibility problem on touch screen. The challenge was to create a intuitive typing experience for non-sighted that does not compromise on features or usability.

    The Outcome

    7 Braille Keyboard app. Whether using Watsapp, or Facebook or any other app, 7 Braille keyboard pops up when user wants to type.


    US Patent 9684448



    Fastest Keyboard!

    7 Braille is the fastest way to type on touch screen for non-sighted users. 

    It provides a simple Braille based interface where users can draw braille patterns on screen to type. The experience is seamless and complemented by sound, color(contrast) and vibration feedback.

    Pioneer Design

    The core typing interface is super adaptable. It can be used for all language in Braille, these include English, Hindi, French et. al. It can be used for Grade 1 and Grade 2 Braille.

    As a keyboard, it also includes the whole experience that sighted users get. This includes text selection, copy-paste, autocorrect and autofill. And thats a first!

    Iterative Process

    7 Braille Keyboard is a result of an iterative process that included users to co-create an ideal solution.

    The keyboard evolved from an in-app feature to a independent app that can be used within all other apps installed on user's phone. 

    Its experience also iterated, it started with a tactile screen guard to complement UI on screen, removed that and included vibration on every edge of UI element, removed that too and finally included vibration in center portal, and seamless mix of sound and color contrast.