The Challenge

To provide a sequential and memorisable interface to visually impaired users for easily using smartphone features.

The Outcome

A launcher app that can do all tasks of a smartphone using a gesture based interface.


Echoing Green Fellow

NCPEDP Universal Design Award

NASSCOM Social Entrepreneur

Manthan Award



Intuitive Information Architecture

SimplEye App works on a simple list architecture that is easy to use and to memorise. All the features, of particular priority are accessible in the same list. As user goes deeper into a feature, i.e. an entry in a list, again the same pattern is followed. Also, all tasks have a linear and particular workflow. 

This architecture allows user to remember sequence of events even before s/he starts acting on task.

Simple Interactions

Similar to architecture, the interactions are very minimal and consistent. There are no buttons or any other location specific actions. User can use the whole interface by using just two gestures: swipe and tap. Both of these - anywhere on the screen. Interface also smartly integrates orientation: it shows content (listing) in portrait and options/advanced features in landscape mode.

Feedback is seamlessly integrated using sound, color contrast, vibration and orientation. 

Powerful Features

SimplEye being a launcher app, it served as home for all basic features of a smartphone along with access to other apps installed by the user.

Default features includes phone calling, messaging, organiser, calendar, music, notes and maps. The UX model mentioned earlier was used to deliver all these features.